Construction of bridges of any complexity


The company "Stroypost Plus" produces bridges of any complexity.

The railway requires regular maintenance. The frequency of preventive and repair work at each individual section of the track is determined based on the actual condition of the canvas. A variety of criteria are relevant - the structure of the upper structure, the intensity of the operation of the tracks, their class, etc. Track work may include measures aimed at updating the upper track structure with partial or complete replacement of individual elements, improving the roadbed, cleaning ballast.

Depending on the measures taken, the repair work is classified as:

  • OH (overhaul) - involves a comprehensive upgrade of the upper structure of tracks and switches, while work is carried out to increase the bearing capacity of the roadbed and ballast prism. The track grid is replaced by a new one (assembled from old (on 3-5 grade routes) or new ones (on routes of 1-2 classes) materials, crushed ballast is cleared to a depth of more than 400 mm. Then, alignment and padding of paths is carried out.
  • EMR (Enhanced Medium Repair) - is aimed at restoring the ballast's load capacity, therefore it includes the work on ballast cleaning, the replacement of asbestos ballast with crushed stone, and the lowering of the road mark on the sections where necessary.
  • MR (medium repair) - includes the replacement of individual defective elements (ties, bindings), cleaning of drainage systems, recovery of ballast prism.
  • LR (lifting repair) - work on straightening the track, padding sleepers, local cleaning of rubble, partial replacement of ballast.

We always scrupulously treat the requirements and wishes of the customer, carefully approach each task, and create optimal working conditions to reduce the cost of the project.

Stages of work
  1. Design
  2. Purchase and delivery of equipment
  3. Civil works
  4. Installation work
  5. Commissioning works
  6. Start of the project
  7. Service
Успешно реализованные проекты

Construction of the bridge over the Akhtuba River at 1,485 km. Section Aksarayskaya-Trusovo Privolzhskaya Railway

Customer: JSC "RZDstroy"
Date of completion: 01/12/2018
Types of work performed: Construction of the bridge over the Akhtuba River

Construction of a transport crossing through the Kerch Strait

Customer: PJSC "Mostotrest"
Date of completion: 31/12/2016
Types of work performed: Welding of the joints of the bridge support pipes across the Kerch Strait