Company "Stroypost Plus" LLC

“Stroypost Plus” company was founded in 2011. Today, we are actively developing in several directions, focusing on the following activities:

  • Building-and-installation and restoration work of any complexity level;
  • Maintenance of postal-and-transport equipment and mechanical means, as well as mail cars which sat/were not used for a long time;
  • Service, repair and maintenance of railway track structures;
  • Comprehensive maintenance of power equipment;
  • Service and maintenance of compressor plant and railroad switches;
  • Restoration and repair of passenger cars and special-purpose cars;
  • Professional cleaning services (cleaning of premises and territories);
  • Asphalt work using modern technologies and specialized equipment;
  • Industrial cleaning using innovative technology – cryo-blasting;
  • GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System) equipment installation;
  • Knauf Brio Dry Floor Screed Installation.

We fruitfully cooperate with large organizations (including JSC “Russian Railways”, RosReserv, JSC “Federal Passenger Company” (FPC), FSUE “Russian Post”, GTsMPP – branch of FSUE “Russian Post”, “Meridian” LLC, JSC “Federal Postal Company”) and guarantee to all our customers the best results at an affordable service cost.

Project preparation and their practical implementation are carried out by highly qualified professionals who have appropriate education, extensive practical experience and all the necessary authorization/permits. Among them are electricians who can operate the equipment with up to 3000 V tolerance, electric and gas welders, electrical mechanicians, engineers, servicemen, battery assemblers and other professionals (over 50 people). Our company has advanced equipment, special vehicles, warehouses and production facilities, as well as stocks of all materials required for works of any complexity level. We apply only proven methods and technologies to ensure the smooth and most efficient operation of the organization, therefore our customers can always rely on mutually beneficial cooperation.

Affiliates of our company are located in such cities as Saint- Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Rostov, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Volgograd, etc.

We always scrupulously treat the requirements and wishes of the customer, carefully attack any problem and create optimal working conditions aimed at reducing project costs. When concluding a agreement with us for a one-time service or long-term service, you can rest assured that all work will be done efficiently, accurately and within the pre-stipulated period!